Transport Air Pollution Measurement

Our Transport Air Pollution Measurement service includes work in the following strategic and operational areas:

Air Quality Assessment and Dispersion Modelling

Other Transport Services

Wayfinding Solutions

  • Wayfinding and prioritizing information and signs for people to find their way quickly and safely.
  • Clearly identifying new stations
  • Residential addressing


They can be printed manuals or brand books, digital files or dedicated websites for signage and wayfinding guideline.

Guidelines should reference regulatory or statutory requirements, as well as local rules and conventions, such as cultural sensitivities over the use of color and images. Technical and engineering specifications are included for sign hardware and there is a comprehensive section showing sign locations at junctions, intersections and roundabout

Environmental Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Scoping and Assessment
  • Flood Risk Assessment and Surface Water Strategy
  • Noise Measurement and Noise Mapping Assessment
  • Local and Area Wide Scheme Appraisal
  • Environmental Statement Management and Consultation
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment

Influencing Travel Behaviour

  • Designing and implementing travel behavioral change campaigns
  • Helping other organizations implement campaigns through advice and training
  • Monitoring and evaluation of behavioral change programs

Passenger Transport

  • Analysis and advice on passenger transport operations
  • Integrated passenger transport planning and co-ordination services
  • Development of urban and rural bus networks
  • Bus infrastructure development and design including business case development
  • Rail scheme feasibility and rail policy advice
  • Business case development for all types of passenger transport schemes
  • Development of education, social care and health transport services
  • Planning of responsive and community-based transport solutions

Transport Modelling

  • Microsimulation modeling and visualization
  • Traffic signal modeling and design
  • Multi-modal modelling
  • Pedestrian modelling, priority and safety systems
  • Model audits

Transportation Policies & Plan

Production of effective, implementable transport policies, strategies, plans and business cases

  • Strong technical skills to provide supporting analysis, appraisal and evidence bases
  • Support for stakeholder engagement and public consultation to win buy-in and strengthen plans and bids
  • Up-to-date understanding of the local, regional and national transport funding opportunities
  • Change management advice and assistance with implementation and delivery.