Equipment Acquisition

Our equipment acquisition service includes work in the following strategic and operational areas:

We determine the most economical and practical equipment for your specific operating requirements. Our experience in vehicular engineering and design is unparalleled.
We help our clients acquire all types of equipment, from small parcel delivery trucks to the largest tractor/trailer combinations, from material handling equipment to Management Information System hardware. We negotiate major purchases with every original equipment manufacturer in the United States.
At the end of their useful life cycles, we even determine the best method to dispose of your old vehicles in order to maximize their asset recovery values.

Our Logistics Services

Financial Analysis

  • We examine your organization’s financial position and recommend the most effective means to acquire your capital equipment. Elements of your financial picture are analyzed:
    • Is leasing the answer?
    • Would full service leasing save your company money?
    • What are your tax and cash positions?
    • Should equipment be financed or would it be more prudent to pay for the equipment with cash?

    We determine the best type of financial instrument for your existing circumstances:

    • Should the interest rate float or be fixed?
    • Should it be a capital lease or an operation lease?
    • Are the terms, conditions, and amendments in your best interest?

Fleet Maintenance

With a total review of your fleet operations, we demonstrate how to also trim thousands from your maintenance budget. We help our clients determine:

  • If their maintenance costs are appropriate given their fleet size, age, and operating environment.
  • The proper staffing of mechanics necessary for each shift.
  • How to best utilize the talents of the maintenance personnel.
  • The necessary technical training required.
  • A complete and effective preventative maintenance program.
  • How to minimize your inventory of parts and tires.
  • How to maximize your warranty recoveries.

Fleet Operations

We have been successful in compliance training, seminars and employee productivity improvements as it relates to transportation.

  • Seminars: If your management and line personnel need more or updated technical muscle, we can assist with a series of seminars and workshops designed to enhance the professional knowledge of your employees. From route planning to truck financing to shop procedures to driver safety management, our firm can provide the expertise necessary to improve your company’s performance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Today, non-compliance with regulatory agencies or statutes can be very costly. Rhodesfield can work in concert with your management team to insure that all federal, state, and local transportation-related requirements are being met.
  • Productivity Enhancement and Control: Your employees are your most significant asset. Whether your concern is wayward truck drivers or shop mechanics with too much overtime, we can assist in conducting performance audits, comparing your organization’s norms to industry standards. Rhodesfield then structures a set of solutions, increases your employees’ productivity, and helps monitor their continued improved performance.

Distribution and Logistics Planning

  • We develop long range, five year and ten year logistics plans to interface with your corporate goals. We also provide contingency plans to handle a variety of “what if” scenarios.WE analyzes a number of variables, including traffic lane availability, modes of transportation, applicable rates and tariffs, revenue-generating backhaul opportunities, and shipment volumes and frequencies. We can develop a concrete budget for all transportation expenses and help you monitor your company’s progress, tracking potential problems before they become insurmountable. The end result is a totally integrated distribution system that is custom designed to achieve maximum results at a minimum of cost.
    • Private Fleet Alternatives: Rhodesfield determines your best course of action — if you should lease trucks, drivers, both, or neither — if you should have a single source or a separate source lease — or if you should employ for-hire trucking or rail carriage. In the public sector, we analyze privatization alternatives.
    • For-Hire Trucking Alternatives: If for-hire trucking is right for your company, we will handle the selection of and negotiation with your common and dedicated contract carriers. With our focus on optimum service at value pricing, we can assist with even the most troubling traffic lanes.
    • Site Location Studies: Rhodesfield will show your company where to establish your warehouses or regional distribution centers to minimize distribution costs. We perform complete site location studies, including facility compatibility with your needs, local ordinance review, economic incentives, real estate costs, taxation issues, and dock/rail/highway accessibility.
    • Fleet Utilization: Rhodesfield examines your core fleet to determine if vehicles are being fully utilized. We analyze your historical utilization, routes, load capacities, and other pertinent factors to determine which routes are economical.
    • Backhaul Opportunities: Rhodesfield compares your distribution system’s performance with nationally recognized standards and published statistics regarding motor carrier productivity. Our aim is to eliminate your company’s “empty miles”. We will even examine the feasibility of soliciting freight for your return hauls.
    • Authority Applications: Rhodesfield will assess the merits of common carriage authority, contract carriage authority, or a property broker license. If one of these approaches is practical for your company, we will even apply for the appropriate permits on your behalf.

Management Information Systems Solution

Rhodesfield evaluates the use of PC-based systems for your facilities. We review your operations as they relate to:

Fleet Maintenance Software:

  • Schedule PM Inspections?
  • Develop accurate unit cost & performance data for current
    month, YTD & LTD?
  • Track fuel, parts, & tire inventories?
  • Interface w/ fuel dispensing and management systems?
  • Reconcile w/ your General Ledger?

Human Resources Solution

We have the expertise to assist in a variety of transportation-related human resource functions. Our thorough knowledge of the transportation industry gives us a clear upper hand when tackling the following:
Whether your organization is looking for a Vice President of Transportation or a Maintenance Supervisor, we can assist in finding the right individual with the right qualifications. Background searches and references are thoroughly scrutinized to insure the highest caliber individual for your needs. Let the transportation industry expert’s help you find your company’s in-house transportation experts.

Delivery Selection Options

Rhodesfield provides analysis and evaluation in determining the “best” alternative system or combination of systems. Once the best alternative(s) is selected, we negotiate on behalf of our client for proper terms, conditions and final pricing. The alternatives include

  • Dedicated Contract Carriag
  • Finance Alternatives
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Contract Carriage

Areas addressed in a Dedicated Contract Carriage Program:

  • Miles per gallon guarantees
  • Backhaul guarantees
  • Fuel mark-ups or surcharges
  • Technology
  • Flexible fleet size
  • Driver pay stipulations
  • Driver turnover
  • Asset obligation
  • Cost of Service
  • Performance standards
  • Productivity
  • Inbound Materials

Fuel Program

We determine the best fuel options and programs available to its clients. The options that are considered are:

  • On-site fuel (above or in-ground fuel tanks)
  • On-site wet hose fueling
  • FSL or Dedicated provider
  • Card Lock Systems
  • Truck stop fuel
  • Fuel futures
  • Negotiates on behalf of its clients the best fuel options and program.

Rhodesfield will also audit your fuel invoices to find out if your price is competitive and, if not, negotiate better fuel pricing on your behalf. Rhodesfield has a proven track record of saving its clients thousands of dollars monthly in their fuel purchasing.