Rhodesfield at a Glance

Rhodesfield Consulting Limited is a South Africa and Nigeria registered transport and Infrastructures design consulting company.
We have experienced, professional staff providing transport planning, engineering and related services. With our foreign technical partners we combine local experience with technical expertise.

Our Brand

We create value for our customers by thinking 360° around the challenges we meet. Our approach leads to more coherent solutions for our customers – and ultimately coherence in society at large.

We apply this mindset in everything we do – internally and externally. Our approach is the core of our brand. We pride ourselves on taking everything into account when we execute our projects. We do it for our customers, for ourselves – and for the future of the world. And to us, it’s more than methodology – it’s a mindset. Because this is the only way we can ensure that we unleash the full potential for our customers and society at large.

This mindset is the core of our business model and it makes the difference between a good project and a great project.

Achieving new sustainable solutions while meeting local needs using global competitive standards.